The BACK TO EDEN Project

Mission Statement

The mission of the Back to Eden Project is to facilitate a return of the church to the whole biblical truth in a minimum amount of time. There is an urgent calling to shine the light on this “cafeteria style” preaching of biblical half-truths that has been, and is currently being spread to the world. Many people will pay an eternal price for this high cost a-la-carte spiritual meal they're being fed. Therefore, the time for truth is now. In these unprecedented times we live in, we are called to reach the church from the top down, by maximizing the resources that God has entrusted to us, and focusing on His chosen shepherds anywhere possible. Utilizing the Back to Eden facility(s) we may remove God’s shepherds from the noise of the world, enabling them to “be still” before God, and see the whole biblical truth and message in its completeness. With renewed clarity, conviction, and spirit, these shepherds can return to their flock and impart the whole biblical truth and understanding in God’s Word.

The Vision

The BACK TO EDEN Project
South Carolina beta site
12-12-09     Rev. 1-20-11 
Gen 2:8 And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.

Gen 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the Garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it.

Gen 3:23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.


God’s original design for man was to place him in the Garden of Eden so that he would dress it, keep it and till the ground from which he was brought forth. It was within that perfect world which man was to live in love, fellowship and peace. It was upon that glorious and fertile ground that God had intended for man to multiply and sow into. In that quiet place, man was peacefully walking and talking with God daily and he was blessed abundantly with everything God had intended for him to have. It wasn’t until man bought into deception, that the focus was taken off God and man was separated into noise, struggle and despair.

In the world we live in today, the noise of our daily lives has become a powerful tool of Satan creating a multi-layered separation from God. Within this noise lies the distractions of greed, lust, false idols, false doctrine, darkness and clouded spiritual understanding. Man has succeeded in making a mockery of what God had intended for him to have. It is extremely difficult for those who are not actively seeking to hear God’s voice, to hear and recognize His quiet voice, while they are engulfed in this noise. Most people are so busy running to and fro, and overloaded with such an increase of ungodly knowledge, that they are missing Him in their life. Our world has taught people that peace and happiness comes from anything and everything but God. We have been taught, incorrectly I might add, that we can create our own peace and happiness. Out of this can only come death and darkness where God had intended for us to have light and true life. This light and life can only come from the TRUTH and understanding in God's Word and a real and personal daily relationship with Him through His son Jesus Christ. 

The world today has allowed their hearts to be supercharged with excessive indulgence, drunkenness and the cares of this life, to the point that many have shut God totally out. What man calls “The Church” today has primarily become a religious box that allows us to fit God into our structured life, but only for a programmed slice of time. We run to this box with the attitude that we are doing our duty for the week. We play church for that programmed slice of time, and then return to the world and what we have made into our comfort zone. Occasionally, some of us might even slip God a tip into the offering plate making us feel even better about ourselves, but for the most of us, we just take what we need. We go to the church seeking counseling and restoration to our families, marriages, business, children, and everything else, usually without putting anything back into it. We've somehow made it into an entitlement. It is no longer about what we can give of ourselves, but what we can get. 

For many of us, the church is a big social club, a place to hang out and feel included and significant. For some, it is the only place in their lives that they have ever been given authority and power over other men. Quite often, this is a breeding ground for us to become judgmental and arrogant. This drives people further away from God because this type of behavior came while under the label of the church. People who have never experienced the true love of Jesus Christ associate this type of behavior with “the box” we call church. While we are there, we are usually given a message that allows us feel good without having to be good. Many of the messages are watered down, cherry picked, half Truths of God’s Word, due to omission, addition, or modification. Many of these “cafeteria style” messages give us only select topics that enable us to continue living our lives blinded from spiritual Truth. This type of twisted doctrine separates us from how God truly intends for us to live out our lives. It is unfortunate that the blood of these souls will be on the hands of these Sheppard's spreading these half Truths and false doctrines. Some of this may be simply from complacency and laziness, or simply from repeating teachings of what everyone else within their circles are replicating. Today’s world tells you to take the easy way out of everything, make no effort to stand in the light of the Truth, especially when it is out of our comfort zone, politically incorrect or socially acceptable. We continue repeating the default messages over and over, and not preaching what God’s “entire” Word is telling us.

Many pastors today are all about the numbers, driven by a fear of loosing people, and therefore financial support for their ministry. There is a deception that is running rampant in the church today. This deception tells us, that if we preach the whole Truth of God's Word, and not only the part that makes us feel good, that people will take their money, pick up their toys, and leave. God's Word says much about this subject of finances as well as adhering to the Truth. We have yet to see where God separates these critical issues in His Word. Therefore, it is our contention that if we focus on preaching the whole Truth and understanding in God's Word, that God will take care of the rest. The Truth of the matter is, that the few believers that choose to stand with you in the whole light of Truth, are already the givers that really support your ministry. The rest are takers that don't want the whole Truth. In a nutshell, don't let this deception limit your ministry from standing in Truth and thereby fulfilling the destiny and purpose that God has for you.

As the intensity of the world and frequency of time increases, we are drawing ever more rapidly towards the end of the “Church Age” and therefore our opportunity to get it right. We are running out of time. Many of us whom God has called out to be Sheppards over His flock have fallen into the deceptions of the enemy as a result of the noise of the world. Christ himself forewarned us to be on-guard of this in the end-times. The urgency of the day, compels those of us that He has called at this appointed time, to not only sound the alarm, but to seek ways to reach the masses of souls that are caught up in this noise. It is up to us to turn on the lights for the world. God told the prophet Daniel that none of the wicked would understand, but the wise shall understand. We can only become wise by knowing the fullness of Truth and understanding in God’s Word. Understanding this, it is clear that we are about out of time.


For us at “Back to Eden”, beginning decades ago, God set our feet on a path along which He gave us the skills, the talents, the tools and the heart to serve His purpose. He has forged us with fire and placed within us wisdom in Him. We have been blessed with much, from which He is now requiring much. We have gone out on limbs of faith and watched Him do mighty works. He has taught us to trust in Him only and that He is our one and only source. He commanded us to “be still” and seek His voice. We have spent this season on our faces before Him seeking revelation. Now in His timing, He has revealed Himself and His purpose for our lives. He has orchestrated our lives to bring our paths to this crossroad, at His appointed time, and given us His vision. The time is now and the vision is clear. It’s time to get out of the boat. God is calling us back to Eden. God’s ‘house” was never man’s ‘house”. Man’s version of God’s “house” has typically allowed like-minded men to gather and shut other people out. This was never God’s intention. God’s “house” is a simple place where man leads his brothers and sisters to Christ. God gave us His perfect place, out of the noise, without condition or man-made rules and judgment. We call it nature.


The primary vision for the “Back to Eden” project is that there is an urgency that we must reach the masses from the top down. We need to reach those called to Sheppard God’s flock and surgically suspend them from the noise for a time. Get them out of the box which man has created and where he has attempted to contain God under his terms. We need to return them to Eden, back into God’s perfect creation which is God’s true house. While they are there, we will serve them, bless them, and love on them, by meeting them right where they are, without specific agenda. Given the right timing and openness of heart, we will lovingly sound the alarm using Truth and understanding in God’s Word, opening their eyes to the whole Truth and the urgency to tell it to the flock. We will send them out with a renewed mind, a renewed spirit and a new sense of urgency and purpose.

The secondary vision for the “Back to Eden” project is to provide a vehicle and the resources to enable us to seize the opportunities which are presented to us on a daily basis. This allows us to take any man, woman or child, and remove them from the noise of the world. It creates a palette upon which God can expose His will for these individuals upon their heart. It puts them in an environment where they will be exposed to the true love of Christ and impact their lives as never before. We will lead them to salvation through Jesus Christ and make Disciples in the process.

In the coming storm that is about to hit America and the world, it is imperative that as many people as possible are equipped with the knowledge, spiritual Truth, and strength that only the Truth in God’s Word, and a daily walk with Him, is capable of providing.


This “Back to Eden” beta site facility includes fertile farm land. At least ten percent of this site will be utilized to grow food to sow back into the local community for those in need. We firmly believe in the tithing principal which also includes the use of the land and the fruit thereof. This is one of those “teach by example” methods that we will project to the local community and those that experience “Back to Eden”.

This “Back to Eden” beta site will enable us to sharpen the model of the vision that God has given us. We will be able to experiment with designs, facility layouts, methods, equipment, housing types and operation. Locations are needed to be strategically placed that will allow us to efficiently and economically get people to these sites. Time is of the essence and we desire to be good stewards of our time and God’s money.

This facility will include individual, fully equipped “cabin style” housing units, and properly placed in the woods, overlooking the stocked lakes to facilitate quietness in God’s natural setting. There will be walking trails with benches to encourage exploration of the natural habitat, as well as leisurely interaction with the others at the facility. There will be an area with a fire-ring for group gatherings. There they can fellowship, worship God, hear the Word and help one another heal. Plans include a ‘barn style” pavilion for gatherings and shelter from inclement weather. The plan is to construct an on-site baptistery in a natural setting. If design, technology and the site layout will permit, we will use natural, spring-fed water to flow through it. Infrastructural components will be carefully designed to keep the site as natural as possible. Lighting, sound equipment, fresh water, waste water, HVAC units, etc. will be carefully located and disguised to maximize quietness and the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Our goal is to be able to replicate similar sites throughout the United States, and then the world, when God opens those doors. However, the primary goal is here in the USA. Most ministries have overlooked the fact that we have a need for “missions” right here in our own front yard. There will always be that need for the overseas missions elsewhere, but our vision is to start here. As we witness the world as we know it crumble around us, we need spiritually and structurally uncluttered hospitals for the soul. God’s house is a spiritual hospital. It is our vision and hearts desire to be God’s hands and feet through He will see this come to pass.

30 Acre Beta Site - Concept Plat